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Most trees outlive people, and some can live centuries. Of course, we want them to live long, healthy lives for our enjoyment and for the pleasure of generations to come. Which is why knowing when and how to fertilize your trees is important.

Those of us who have a yard full of beautiful trees are fortunate. Deciduous trees provide shade in the summer, evergreens provide shelter from the cold winds of winter, and all trees provide beauty and a calming presence.

To remain healthy, trees need sunshine and an adequate supply of water. They occasionally need pruning and treatment when they’re attacked by insects. They also need certain nutrients. Most people have the sunshine and water part down and will usually call in a specialist for pruning or treatment. But what about fertilizing?

The concept of fertilizing your trees can sometimes seem baffling to homeowners. Many assume that since trees in the forest grow without the benefit of any fertilizer, their yard trees will do the same.

The difference between the trees in the forest and the trees in your yard is that the forest trees are constantly receiving nutrients from decaying leaves and other plant matter. Lawn trees don’t, which is why it’s up to you to ensure your trees are properly fertilized.

Trees, like any other plant, may not receive all the nutrients they need to thrive if left to their own devices. Few yards have perfectly balanced soil conditions, and without proper nutrition, trees are subject to insect attacks, disease, and spindly growth.

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