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Trimming Tree Branches

Consulting and Construction Permitting in New Orleans

Pre and post-construction consultation is also a focus of our efforts. We understand that a lot of damage to urban trees is caused by construction activities that stress the roots. Our consultation services can help contractors, homeowners, and developers maximize the survival rate of remaining trees by establishing proper practices during the construction process. There is also much that can be done after the stress has manifested from previous construction injuries. We frequently work with clients to improve the health of trees damaged by construction.

The best way to avoid tree loss during construction is to have an arborist prepare a tree protection plan. Tree Protection Plans lay out the space requirement for existing trees, detail specific ways and means of protection, and can help in deciding which trees are most worthy of preservation. They can also detail remediation recommendations for trees impacted directly or indirectly by construction activity.

Need expert advice for your next tree-related project? A Perfect Cut Tree offers consulting and construction permitting services. Our experienced team will provide you with the required permits and guidance for your development or construction projects, making sure your project meets local regulations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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