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Stump Grinding Services in New Orleans

Why Should You Invest In Stump Grinding Services

Protecting and preserving trees should always be of the utmost concern. However, at times, trees must be cut down for one reason or another. When that happens, the next logical step is to get rid of the stump. Leaving a stump can lead to a host of problems. Let’s first look at the many reasons why you should consider stump grinding instead of leaving the stump as is.

1. New Growth Is Possible

If you cut down the tree, then it is very likely that you don’t want a tree in that area. If you leave the stump as it is without stump grinding, then it could contribute to new tree growth. Not that the stump itself is going to grow back into a full tree.

An idle stump often contributes to new sprout growth. These sprouts are small and may grow around the remaining stump area. Their roots can spread through the ground and sap the nutrients from other plants or trees you have in the area. Getting rid of multiple sprouts can prove to be a costly business once enough time has passed.

New shoots may come back after removing the sprouts for the first time. A chemical solution may be the only way to get rid of the small trees for good. Of course, an even better option is to grind down and remove the stump before it can contribute to new sprout growth.

2. A Stump Can Be Hazardous

Another reason why you might consider using a tree stump removal service is because tree stumps can prove to be a real hazard. These small, often hidden, stumps can be dangerous to adults and children alike. This is especially true if kids spend any amount of time running and playing in your yard.

Adults can just as easily trip and hurt themselves. If a worker or neighbor were to trip and hurt themselves in your yard because of a stump, then you may be liable for any damages. That means you could end up paying for expensive hospital bills. The cost of stump grinding is much easier to deal with.

There’s also the possibility that you’ll run into the tree stump while you are mowing the lawn. This will surely damage the mower and could even harm you if the blade were to come loose or get lodged in the stump.

3. Inviting Pests To Plague Your Home

Do you like the idea of ants, beetles, or termites running through your home? Hopefully not. Unfortunately, all of the insects above are going to be attracted to a slowly rotting tree stump. It’s like a five-star hotel for them. A hotel they can eat from the inside out in the case of the termites.

Sure, they’re only in the tree stump, and wouldn’t that help the stump degrade faster? Sooner or later those bugs will migrate to the home. Then you have ants and termites eating away at the foundation of the house, the walls, and the roof framework.

The cost of repairing this damage and removing the pest can be tremendous. The cost of grinding a single stump is barely a drop in the bucket in comparison. It’s hardly a decision worth considering.

4. They’re Unsightly And Waste Space

stump grinding

The final reason to consider a stump grinding service is simply that you don’t want a useless stump in your yard. For starters, there is nothing aesthetically pleasing about a stump. It gets even worse as it starts to rot and decay. If you take landscaping seriously, then you are probably ready to get rid of those unsightly stumps ASAP.

Not only do these stumps not look great, but they are also wasting a lot of valuable space. That’s space in your yard you could place a bench, a swing, a fountain, a bush, or anything other than a stump. Other items are going to increase the value of your home while a stump is going to do exactly the opposite.

It’s A No-Brainer.

Trees are worth protecting. Stumps, on the other hand, are usually just in the way. They are potential hazards, they take up useful space, and they can invite a swarm of pests into your home. If the tree is gone, then the stump should be gone as well.

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