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As a tree grows, the angles that exist among limbs determine structural integrity.  Branches having a wide angle of attachment or a pronounced “U” shape will be stronger than that of a narrow “V” shape.  When a tree is young, the stress placed on a narrow angle of attachment is usually minimal.  However, as the tree matures the weight of the canopy and the additional load created by winds or wet foliage may be more than the attachment can support.  In the case of Oaks and Pecans, a heavy seed crop can cause limbs to split or break.  Properly placed cables can help redistribute the load allowing limbs to support each other, rather than moving independently.

Mature trees having a broad spreading canopy, such as Live Oaks, often have lower limbs that grow horizontally to the edge of the canopy.  Such limbs often droop lower with the weight of each additional year’s growth.  These limbs can be cabled to maintain a specific height or to provide clearance above a walk, drive, or roof.  Such cabling is an alternative to the removal of large branches.

Pre and post construction consultation is also a focus of our efforts. We understand that a lot of damage to urban trees is caused by construction activities that stress the roots. Our consultation services can help contractors, homeowners, and developers maximize the survival rate of remaining trees by establishing proper practices during the construction process. There is also much that can be done after stress has manifested from previous construction injuries. We frequently work with clients to improve the health of trees damaged by construction.

A Perfect Cut is proactive in implementing the most current industry standards and techniques related to your tree’s health care. Our noninvasive approach to tree maintenance is based upon sound science and we continuously update our knowledge by attending numerous industry continuing education workshops. We emphasize not only treating the symptoms but finding solutions to the cause of the problems.

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