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Reasons Why It’s Best to Leave Tree Removal to the Professionals

You may be tempted to take on tree removal yourself. After all, it’s only cutting down a tree, right? But there’s much more that goes into DIY tree removal than many people realize, and attempting it can cause more trouble than it’s worth.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the risks of DIY tree removal and why professional tree services are the best option.

Dealing with a Fallen Tree

When a tree has fallen, the risks of DIY tree removal are particularly high. If a large tree has toppled, it could cause considerable damage to property and result in injury or even death. Depending on the size and type of tree, removing it yourself can be dangerous and requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and skill.

On one hand, many people think that if they can identify that a tree is dead then they must be able to safely remove it. After all, they reason, the tree isn’t live anymore so how much risk can there be? But in reality, felling a dead or weakened tree can be unpredictable — often making a seemingly straightforward task far more dangerous than expected. What may appear to start as an easy job can quickly become hazardous due to unseen hazards or unexpected force on the tree when it is cut down. The situation can also become further complicated if power lines are nearby or if public property such as sidewalks is affected during removal.

In some cases, attempting to remove a fallen tree on your own with insufficient training and inadequate tools could make the situation worse. So for these reasons, the danger posed by a fallen tree should not be underestimated, and leaving it to the professionals is highly recommended.

  • According to research on tree cutting accidents, unexpected kickback is the most commonly cited cause of injury.
  • A study by the International Society of Arboriculture found that when cutting trees, even a low-level fall can lead to serious injury or death.
  • A separate study from Purdue University cites that one in five injuries related to tree removal is caused by improper use of tools and/or operating outside of an individual’s skill level.

Potential Safety Hazards

Safety hazards can be a major problem for those attempting DIY tree removal. Just because a homeowner has the best tools and equipment, doesn’t necessarily mean they have the experience and knowledge needed to properly and safely remove a tree. Trees are large and unwieldy, making it difficult for an inexperienced individual to remove one from their property in one piece.

The branches can easily break during removal, leading to catastrophic results. Even if the homeowner is able to get the tree removed safely, there is still a danger of falling branches or limbs that could hit someone working nearby.

Trees located in confined spaces may require special expertise and caution when being removed. If done improperly, this can result in potentially dangerous situations like power lines being severed or gas lines disturbed. These types of scenarios can lead to serious accidents as well as utility outages. It’s also important to consider underground utilities like septic systems and other services running beneath where the tree is located.

Even with proper safety measures taken, the slightest miscalculation in the use of a chainsaw or other heavy equipment can cause injury or even death to an untrained individual. Without steady footing, an individual working atop an elevated platform is at risk of toppling over and suffering serious consequences – not only for themself but for anyone else in close proximity as well.

Professional tree removers understand these risks and take every precaution necessary before beginning work on any project so that everyone involved (including the tree itself) will remain safe throughout the entire process.

These potential safety hazards demonstrate why professional tree removal services should always be called upon for any tree removal task regardless of its size or scope.

Professional Tree Removal Services

Professional tree removal services offer an array of services to help improve the overall health of your landscape and property. Certified arborists are experienced professionals who know how to safely cut down trees and effectively remove dead or diseased limbs or stumps. They are trained to work with all types of trees, including exotic and native species, helping to prevent damage to your home or property during the removal process. The use of professional tree removal services can be critical when dealing with older, more mature trees as they may be at greater risk of falling on neighbors’ houses, electrical poles, or other obstacles near where it is proposed for the tree to be removed.

Additionally, professional tree removal companies come with equipment and experience needed to properly and safely remove fallen tree debris. A professional arborist will assess the situation, weigh risks, and plan the ideal way to approach and execute the job efficiently and in a timely manner. This means that there is less chance of uprooting healthy plants around the area, which could incur further damage to neighbors’ yards or driveways.

man removing branches of fallen tree

Tree removal services also reduce the likelihood of injury from working at heights when trying to take down a large tree, which can be very hazardous if done incorrectly or by untrained hands. Their specialized tools often eliminate the need for ladders or climbing equipment that might otherwise introduce additional danger for unqualified individuals trying DIY tree stump removal.

Ultimately, hiring a professional tree service is often thought of as an investment into the preservation of your property’s value and safety by reducing potential risks related to improper techniques common among DIYers. And while it may have a slightly higher up-front cost than self-managed options, most times these expenses more than pay off in savings from not having incurred consequential damages later on down the road.

The benefits associated with professional tree removal services should not be taken lightly when considering DIY alternatives.

Benefits of Hiring Experts

Hiring an expert to remove trees can be advantageous in many ways.

  • Firstly, tree removal can be a dangerous process, and when handled inappropriately, it can also lead to serious injuries. Professionals are trained to carry out the work safely and efficiently with the right equipment and know-how. With professional assistance, you will be able to eliminate risks and ensure that no accident occurs while removing the tree.
  • The second benefit of employing a professional is the skill and expertise they bring to the task. Experienced tree care professionals will have the necessary qualifications, certifications, and licensure required for reliable and effective tree removal services.
  • From knowledge about pruning techniques like cleaning dead branches or unique trimming methods, tree care experts can handle any job safely and effectively.
  • In addition, if an unexpected issue arises such as broken limbs or property damage due to falling debris, the experts have the experience and training to assess the situation quickly and correctly.
  • It is also important to remember that a DIY job could cost more than expected in terms of time and inspection from local authorities or neighbors who may call attention to any perceived violations of building or safety codes which could incur fines. When you hire a tree care professional, there is far less risk of this occurring and they often come with liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Lastly, DIY jobs often don’t produce the desired outcome in terms of aesthetics or environmental impact since it is easy to overlook certain considerations like where to store debris or how it impacts flooring temperatures when clearing away trees from a home’s foundation or nearby structures.

Professional companies have considerable experience dealing with these situations; thus ensuring that all of your concerns are addressed properly before, during, and after removing a tree from your property.

Potential Damage to Property

Attempting DIY tree removal without the proper training and equipment can potentially cause a significant amount of property damage. An improperly managed tree removal operation can create an unstable environment, which could cause trees to move in unpredictable ways and threaten adjacent properties.

Additionally, the use of improper techniques or unsuitable materials can lead to excessive damage to surrounding plants, landscapes, and home foundations. In worse case scenarios, such as when climbers are not properly secured during tree removal procedures, falling limbs may heavily damage nearby vehicles, decks, and roofs.

There are those who argue however that limited amounts of property damage are inevitable during tree removal operations due to the unpredictable nature of live vegetation, whether managed by professionals or DIYers. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed upon that with proper training and the right tools, much of this property damage can be avoided and serious safety hazards can be mitigated.

Professional Equipment

Using professional-grade equipment is a key factor in properly removing trees. Professional tree removal services utilize heavy-duty saws, chainsaws, and even cranes for bigger trees. While chainsaws are an essential piece of equipment for DIY projects, they are not as powerful as the ones used by arborists and tree removal services. Professional saws operate at much higher speeds so they can cut through the toughest branches faster, thus completing the job quickly while using less energy and resources.

heavy equipments used in tree removal

Having the right equipment makes a big difference in how difficult it is to remove a tree on your property. Without professional-grade equipment, even experienced DIYers will find themselves spending more time and money than necessary in order to complete their job safely. Ultimately, professional tree removal services have access to the highest quality of industry-standard tools that make the job safer and more efficient.

Saving Money on Tree Services

When it comes to removing trees, the cost can be a significant factor in determining whether or not to hire a professional service. Many homeowners seek ways to save money and consider DIY tree removal as a way to do so.

On the one hand, DIY tree removal can save some money upfront. Rather than paying for the services of a professional, opting for DIY leaves homeowners only having to spend money on risk coverage items such as compulsory home insurance, tree felling equipment, and also permit fees (if applicable). However, these costs may quickly mount up if you are unprepared and ill-equipped.

On the other hand, if DIY tree removal is attempted without taking proper safety precautions, you could put yourself and your property at risk of danger and damage. If botched, there’s the potential for costly repairs running into thousands of dollars—further outweighing any savings made from not hiring a professional service provider in the first place. Additionally, should you or somebody else sustain an injury you could find yourself liable for medical bills which would cancel out any cost benefits of DIY tree removal.

It’s essential to weigh up all options carefully before taking on a DIY approach. Although there is potential for cost savings in certain circumstances doing it yourself could end up being more expensive than expected due to expenses associated with the risks involved; this often offsets any money saved by not hiring a professional service to complete the job safely.

Given these considerations, it’s important that we take time to understand the risks involved in attempting DIY tree removal—before researching ways it might help us save money—to ensure that it is safe and appropriate in each particular situation.

Conclusion and Leave it to the Professionals

The risks associated with DIY tree removal vary significantly depending on the type of tree, as well as its location and size. While a person might believe they can handle the job themselves, there are numerous risks that could potentially cause harm to themselves or others. The removal of a large, dead, or diseased tree requires extensive knowledge, experience and specialized equipment in order to be carried out safely.

Given all the potential dangers, it’s highly recommended that individuals turn to a professional tree removal service provider like A Perfect Cut Tree for dangerous trees, especially those that block roadways and power lines. Professionals use the right tools and equipment, can minimize the risk associated with bringing down larger trees near homes and other structures, have experience in handling hazardous trees, and are fully insured in case of damages. Additionally, professionals are aware of local regulations that govern which types of trees can be safely removed from certain areas.

Professionals also understand the importance of preserving the environment when dealing with hazardous trees. They have access to environmentally-friendly methods of disposal and will ensure any associated debris is taken care of responsibly and quickly. When weighing those risks versus leaving them to professionals, the latter is definitely a much safer option for protecting one’s property, health, life—and nature.